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Melania Anna Duca-Canavan, PhD is a Fellow of the National Council of Psychotherapists, a Fellow of the Complementary Medical Association and a private practitioner working in Lisburn (NI), United Kingdom. She's also an Italian University Professor of Logic and Philosophy of Mind. She has published many books and papers, directed and attended various international conferences. In 2015, Prof. Duca-Canavan was awarded an important Italian recognisement: "Excellence in Medical History Research" for having discovered the first theorisation of a "moral therapy" applied in the early 19th century to treat mental illness. She's also Founder and CEO of MC International Events & Training Limited and Director of its Foundation for the Experimental Research and Development on Social Sciences and Humanities. As an ex athlete and Biocentric Psychoanalyst Dr. Duca-Canavan is currently working on a project called "Equibridge" involving European Equestrian Societies and local facilities in order to apply the behavioural science know-how to sport performance improvement. Among her patients, whose names are obviously covered by professional secrecy, we find also a few signatures of the international sport world.

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prof canavan Dr. Canavan at Freud Museum, London

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The CMA (Complementary Medical Association) is internationally recognised as the elite force in professional and ethical complementary medicine by practitioners, doctors and, increasingly, by the general public. The IAHT (International Alliance of Holistic Therapists) is an internationally recognised organisation.



FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions_”Supplement to Contract” no. 1


  • What is the difference between Biocentric Psychoanalysis and Psychoanalysis itself?

Biopsysis - Biocentric Psychoanalysis©® is a new approach to "Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy" inspired by a theory of Physics called Biocentrism. The concept of “Identity” is central. The “Ego”, its existence, nature and activity is far more important than it was in the older psychoanalytic approaches. The Biocentric approach is pragmatic, integrative and looks for solutions, with the main goal to act fast and efficiently. Time perception and memory are important also, the same with prevention and of course the honesty and professional integrity of the practitioner. In the Biocentric perspective Philosophy of Mind and Theoretical Physics come together. Finally, Biocentric Psychoanalysis uses many of the cognitive, dialectical, rational-emotive and hypnotic behavioural therapy tools. It is not properly classifiable as a "talking therapy" because it strongly believes that communication is only less than 10% words and because the main therapeutic tool is Logics, to investigate a patient's inferential thought processes, learning system, interactional behaviour and inducted emotions, through sensorial and perceptive stimulation, in order to introduce gradual changes to their "habits", to make them acceptable and stabilize them over the weeks, months and years, to pursue a patient's complete realisation and happiness.

  • Is Biopsysis classifiable as a “talking therapy”?

Only partially. It involves talking to a therapist but talking itself is not the cure, nor the main therapeutic tool. This is because Philosophy of Mind shows well that Language is the concrete product of our own beliefs – as individuals and as a species – the last stage of Knowledge, the most “corrupted” one. According to Biocentrism, Mind “creates” Reality, starting with the “illusion of time”. So, during a Biopsysis session, language and words are only instruments of data collection. Body language analysis, cognitive tests, stimuli reaction measurements, drawing, music and equine therapy, for example, are tools of primary importance. In conclusion, Biopsysis is a modern type of Mind Analysis and a Complementary Therapy resulting from a multidisciplinary approach and hybrid background. Due to this, Biopsysis is unique, an independent analytical science now taught at the IBPI (International Biocentric Psychoanalysis Institute), first and only postgraduate school of specialisation in Biocentric Psychoanalysis of the world.

  • How long does a session last?

50 minutes. Practical sessions or monthly and intensive sessions may last longer. 

  • How long will it take to see any results?

It depends on various factors like the nature of the problem itself, the patient’s effective availability to introduce any change in his/her life, the quality of the relationship installed with the therapist, the frequency of the sessions, the length of the whole treatment, the methods implied etc. Every case is different and very much unique so it is hard to make any example. 

  • Are the sessions individual? Can I for example bring someone with me?

As written in the contract, you could actually bring someone else but in that case, I absolutely do not assure any good result from a work which was meant to be individual. It would result in a waste of time and resources for both of us. If it is the case of a child or adolescent I can make an exception for the first few times and be more tolerant but again this will affect the therapy heavily and I could decide to interrupt it with no chance to start it again if things don’t change or my job gets difficult with an excessive expenditure of energy in trying to decontextualize the subject even in the presence of somebody else.    

  • How much time in advance should I be in the Doctor’s Office in order to attend the booked session?

15 minutes earlier than the time of the appointment.

  • What should I expect from the session itself?

A relaxing talk, first. A few questions, in some occasions a few cognitive tests or exercises, cognitive games, conversational hypnosis, both spoken and written. At the end of every session, I will take a few days to process the information that I have collected to write a Report of the meeting itself. This helps me to see things clearly and to operate always with scientific method. It will give you something to read and think about even over the time, to monitor the progress by yourself, learn to know yourself and make pondered judgments. It will help myself again to remember and to compare my conclusions over the weeks, months and years of therapy, to perfect my Analysis, to find matches etc. The Session’s Report will be sent to you through an encrypted e-mail in order to fulfil the confidentiality policy’s requirements. I do keep vocal record of all the sessions. All my patients’ sensitive data are well protected and stored in a locked archive to which only I have access. All the data will be treated according to the European GDPR regulations.       

  • Can I decide to interrupt the therapy at any time?

Certainly, yes. Any time you feel uncomfortable with it, this needs to be done by submitting a formal written letter if a contract has been signed meanwhile. This is because every therapist at the start of a treatment plans a work list with each goal set up and makes room in their agenda for every patient and their needs. One could in fact decide with no reason to abandon the therapy and it actually happens very often due to someone's psychological "resistance" to therapy. So, if there is no reason, such as for example any of my methods not meeting your needs, for interrupting the therapy, and you still want to end it, then you may pay the full amount of the sum established in the contract for the necessary treatment’s time indicated and agreed by us both in the first place. I am used to fixed short-term treatments of at least 3 months, with contracts to be renovated if needed.

  • There will be a contract to sign? Is it a standard one or can we adjust it by inserting specific contents?

There will be a contract of course. Yes, it can be personalised.

  • Can my insurance pay for the therapy?

In theory yes, it depends on the insurance agency and on your purpose. We obviously must talk about it and clearly in advance.

  • How old you need to be in order to start a biocentric psychoanalytic treatment?

I generally do not except children aged under 16 years. I can make exceptions. In any case, if the patient is under 18, a parent or guardian must sign a consent form.

  • What about psychiatric disorders?

I generally do not treat psychiatric disorders or syndromes with a few exceptions, better detailed in the contract. In any case, you must present a very well documented previous and current psychological and pharmacotherapeutic history.

  • What about couples or family therapy?

I do perform sessions on couples and families. However, there are a few details which need to be discussed and some of them are well described in the contract that I require signed. 

  • Does Biocentric Psychoanalysis improve the employees’ wellbeing and performance?

Absolutely yes. I do perform sessions on groups and it is one of my favourite and consolidated practices.

  • Does Biocentric Psychoanalysis improve sport performance?

Absolutely yes. I do perform sessions on athletes and it is one of my favourite and consolidated practices. I do perform talking and practical/experimental sessions both during training and before a competition. I do perform sessions on groups of athletes such as footballers etc. I do perform sessions on boxers and horse riders. More specifically, I have developed a new approach to therapy in this field called PAP - Psychoanalysis for Athletic Performance© which copyright has been registered in UK as "Applied Psychoanalysis".

  • Is Dr. Duca-Canavan a “kink-aware” therapist?

Yes, I am. I am well prepared on the BDSM concepts and adult-consented practices. Kink-aware therapists can help with a variety of issues including: relationship issues, everyday problems, coming out, cultural role conflicts, "vanilla" and "kink" conflicts, internalized oppression, abuse and trauma.

  • What is the price for a session?

£ 60.00 per session. However, I usually establish seasonal offer packages especially in collaboration with the local sport facilities. You should be able to check it on their website. Otherwise you can contact me and ask directly.

  • What are my payment options? 

Bank transfer, PayPal (+3%) or cash with regular receipt. Payments by cards are also accepted with electronic receipt. Ask the office for more information.

  • Can I ask for a free initial consultation? 

Absolutely yes. However, I must inform you that it will be only a consultation in order to know and understand each other and the nature of the “problem”, if a “problem” there is. I may, in fact, regrettably inform you that you do not need my service and advice you a good Counsellor. Counselling is totally different from Analysis. The first consultation is always free. However, to secure the slot reservation it is necessary to pay a PayPal fee of £ 30.00 (or per direct deposit) which will be reimbursed if the client attends the appointment booked. This is to avoid booking appointments to which the client does not show up, wasting the professional's time and precluding others the possibility to benefit from the service for that date and time.

Once you have made the “1st Consultation” refundable fee deposit, please warn my practice that you did, so they will be able to track it and reserve a slot for you as soon as possible. You will always get a response in 24 hours max from the transaction. This process unfortunately cannot be fully automatized yet because I insist to personally follow each of my patients, at least at the start of their journey, before they meet my trainees and apprentices. I can be caught in some emergency or have flown overseas for a conference. So, my Secretary will always check where I am and make sure to optimise the booking, prioritising every patient’s needs. If my practice is not accepting new patients for a certain period, this will be announced on my website.

  • If I need a written diagnosis can I ask for one?

If a third party such as an insurance company is paying for part of your bill, a therapist is normally required to give a diagnosis to that third party in order to be paid. Diagnoses are technical terms that describe the nature of your problems and something about whether they are short-term or long-term problems. All of the diagnoses come from a book titled the DSM-V; I have a copy in my office and will be glad to let you borrow it and learn more about what it says about your diagnosis, if you have received one from a Psychiatrist. I do not release diagnoses; I could give you a few indications to help you better understanding your condition in order to investigate it further.

  • Does Biocentric Psychoanalysis work online? Do I dispense this kind of service to my clients?

No and no, I don't. It is against the Biocentric Principle. However, I'd like to come across especially to my overseas clients' needs so I offer an exceptional discounted price on a basic Skype-counselling which is actually a service included in every contract signed by my patients, guaranteed nights and days for 10/15 minutes, absolutely free. The same with WhatsApp and social media chats. For those willing to experience this new form of mental health online support, the price per session would be only £ 20/25-30 minutes, it must be booked well in advance and paid within the 24 hours before the appointment. The chat can be anonymous, it means I won't be asking you any personal details nor will it be necessary to phone me, text me or Skype me from a personal profile. All the data will be treated according to the European GDPR regulations.

  • Do I advise/provide supplements to my patients during therapy?

I generally do not. However, I could advise you to integrate a few amino acids, if you are for example an athlete willing to improve his/her performance. I could advise you on where to find them, how best to take them, basing my indications on my personal and clinical experience. None of these would ever be a medication. Only 100% natural products. I have a few colleagues, naturopaths, who you could ask for more information about the benefits of cannabis extract for example legally commercialized by a few companies, in different shapes and dosages.

  • What about Biopsysis "abroad"? 

I get often asked to perform sessions "out of Country" which is now for me the United Kingdom. My patients know that I currently live in Lisburn (NI) where I decided to move and offer my services to this wondrous local community at a very special price since 2017 and my plans for the future, I believe, won't change so quickly. However, I still travel for business purposes, also to meet specific types of clients all around the globe. When I travel abroad for work, the expenses of my trip are charged to the client. We can obviously agree on a discounted price on the service considering that I will be staying only for a very short period and then consequently performing "intensive" Biopsysis sessions, which efficacy will be guaranteed anyway. I perform 1 day-intensive sessions up to 4 hours in presence.

  • Is the “homo/bisexuality” quoted in the flyer referring to a treatment available against it?

I do not believe in conversion therapy if it is what you are asking me, I believe instead that they are abusive and should be banned. Unfortunately, such episodes still exist but I can assure you that none of this business has anything in common with the support I offer. I can only help you to better understand your motives and hopefully gradually improve the quality of your life in terms of acceptance, positive thinking and so on. Furthermore, I am a complementary therapist, meaning that I work in collaboration with other professionals, qualified in specific areas, if and when there will be any need for other psychological interventions, of which I cannot be aware if first I do not talk to you and run my tests, as usual. Finally, any change which will ever be produced in your life, will be made by yourself only. Homo/bisexuality is not necessarily incompatible with a happy life.

  • What if I am having a panic attack or I sudden feel the need to talk to you as a therapist out of session?

I am a 24/7 therapist by choice. I do home visits, which are available for Contractees only and I treat emergencies directly at a patient’s home or in my office. If I believe you should get help, I will consult with your relatives and phone an ambulance and accompany you to the nearest hospital. This service has an extra charge you know that is available but you are not forced to use it. There is a limitation to the severity of mental issues that I am trained to approach and manage so I won’t risk anything and contact any professional I believe could suit better your case. I cannot order a hospitalisation. I won’t be entitled to take care of it either in the process as I am not a member of your family. I can however offer you my support and counselling if needed.

  • Can you guarantee for me to public offices or charities willing to know about my history of substance abuse or aggressive behaviour? (for clients and organizations to read)

As happened to me in Belfast already, if you write down my name in a form as a referral for the organization to contact me, make sure you have first signed a contract with my practice. If you did and I know you well enough, and this means having completed at least 1 full cycle of sessions (14 sessions once a week so 3 months in total), then I may release some informal advice without quoting anything from your archived folder which is protected by law as also established in our formal agreement. If I do not have enough information to express an opinion about you being safe to be around then I won’t do it and this may affect your credibility especially if you presented a proper application, as previously explained. Nothing bad will happen in any case. If you have / had any drug addiction or problem with the law that I am aware of, I won’t release this information either. My practice’s confidentiality policy constitutes a fundamental part of my work. As explained in our contract, during therapy I will only inform the competent authorities if I have reasons to believe that you will harm yourself or others, having previously discussed this matter with you and looked for alternative solutions; after the therapy is finished and your folder has been archived, nothing of what I know about your case will ever be divulged. Even police need a very special mandate and specific circumstances to look at what is left of your folder which you can order to be destroyed at any stage, following the procedure explained in our contract. Having said so, advising third parties does not mean that I could potentially act as your guarantor.

  • What about your reports, sent to me via e-mail, can they constitute a formal document to be presented for an application of some kind?

There is a difference of value and spendability between a report of a session or a group of sessions and a formal headed letter signed by myself for a specific purpose. I can release both formal letters and certifications. The letters will come from my own practice. All of the certificates instead will be released by a company which owns a trademark for personality tests and of which I am the CEO. In this case, someone else will probably assess you. Both types of documents will be considered valid depending on the recipient and the current laws and regulations of each State / Country. Also, all documents you will require from me for external purposes will have a price that you can check by enquiring directly to my practice. Reports are for us to keep track of a therapy progress and are not meant to be divulged.     


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