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MC International is proud to present its Foundation for Experimental Research and Development on Social Sciences and Humanities SIC Code 72200. The aim of the project is to make a significant contribution to the "mental health care and well-being" sector through the realization of various activities, events, publications, fundraising and sponsorships. We would like to thank all the partners who will want to join us in this new exciting adventure for even a small betterment of humanity. If you think that you or your company can offer something do not hesitate to contact us through our website or facebook page ; MC International Events Planning .

Ask for the MCI card, to join the Foundation and take advantage of all the offers reserved for members including special discounts on all publishing services and organization of workshops, meetings etc. (offer reserved for academic staff, Universities and Training Centers); discounts on all the CoursesStages and Schools, the enrollments to the affiliated Professional Institutes and much more for the students, the amateurs and the lovers of the Human and Social Sciences Research and the Complementary Medicine.

£100 + £2 (PayPal non profit fee) per annum Platinum Membership (Universities, training Centers or supporters)

£50 + £2 (PayPal non profit fee) per annum Gold Membership (academic staff etc.)

£25 + £2 (PayPal non profit fee) per annum Silver Membership (students, amateurs etc.)


The MCI Research Foundation is a private association of resources born with the main purpose of contributing to the realisation of various social activities. We do not apply for governament funding nor any other charity organisations reserved facilitation. MCI Research Foundation is not a charity. We do run behavioral science experiments to find a way to improve individual and social interaction in different contexts with formal written permission of all participants.


Self-Paced Online Courses available in the second semester 2018 (compulsory reservation):

Behavioral Science and Therapy Course - x

Fundamentals of Biocentric Psychoanalysis Diploma - £99.00

Conversational Hypnosis Techniques Course - £79.00

Forensic Science and Profiling Course - x

Psychoanalytic Criminology Diploma - £99.00