Blue Flower

Prof. Dr. Melania A. Duca-Canavan
Chair of Logics and Philosophy of Mind
Faculty of Psychology, e-Campus University (Italy)
Thesis on Biocentrism and Psychoanalysis

A -

Applied Biocentric Psychoanalysis. “Thought stretching” exercises for social workers inspired by Otto Juliusburger's reading, by Raffaele Schipani 

B -

BPD syndrome and "border research". Biocentrism applied to psychotherapeutic practice, by Paola Gabaldo 

O -

"Out of oneself". The concept of consciousness in philosophical research, by Angela Cotza 

P -

Psychoanalysis and Philosophy: historical-critical analysis of Paul Ricoeur's thought through his works and correspondence, by Martina Saija 

U -

"Universe-Consciousness". New research perspectives through the reflections of Anaximander, Carlo Rovelli and Freud, by Daniela Cottini 

Universe and Consciousness. From the "galaxy mind" to the first biocentric theories. A historiographical review, by Daniela Zappalà