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What do you know about Human mind?

What do you know about Human Beings?

What about Yourself?

Biocentric Psychoanalysis©® can be the answer.


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"I.B.P.I" stands for International Biocentric Psychoanalysis Institute, a new private post-graduate School of specialisation in the holistic psychotherapy defined as "Biopsysis" which again stands for Biocentric Psychoanalysis.

Biocentric Psychoanalysis was designed to provide an alternative additional support to pharmacological and psychological intervention, that is why its nature as a therapy is "complementary". As a graduate it is expected then that you will work in collaboration with other professionals of the psychological sectors in order to empower the integrative approach to therapy, in all cases mentioned by the psychodiagnostic manuals. In all other cases, as an independent practitioner, you will apply the principles of Biopsysis in order to provide a preventive or tailored and solution-focused mental health service.


Biopsysis - Biocentric Psychoanalysis © ® * is a new approach to "Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy" inspired by a theory of Physics called Biocentrism. The concept of “Identity” is central. The “Ego”, its existence, nature and activity is far more important than it was in the older psychoanalytic approaches. The Biocentric approach is pragmatic, integrative and looks for solutions, with the main goal to act fast and efficiently. Time perception and memory are important also, the same with prevention and of course the honesty and professional integrity of the practitioner. In the Biocentric perspective Philosophy of Mind and Theoretical Physics come together. Finally, Biocentric Psychoanalysis uses many of the cognitive, dialectical, rational-emotive and hypnotic behavioural therapy tools. It is not properly classifiable as a "talking therapy" n because it strongly believes that communication is only less than 10% words and because the main therapeutic tool is Logics, to investigate a patient's inferential thought processes, learning system, interactional behaviour and inducted emotions, through sensorial and perceptive stimulation, in order to introduce gradual changes to their "habits", to make them acceptable and stabilise them over the weeks, months and years, to pursue a patient's complete realisation and happiness.    

*Biocentric Psychoanalysis© has been archived by the UK Copyright Service on 3 March 2018 with the following registration number: 284720380, description: Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and expiry date: 3 March 2028. The Copyright owner is listed as Melania Anna Duca-Canavan. The IICT – International Institute for Complementary Therapists recognised the Biocentric Psychoanalysis©®PG as a new modality also for teaching purposes. The application for registering the Biocentric Psychoanalysis® as a UK trademark (UK00003294105) under the Class 44: “Psychotherapy services” and “Holistic psychotherapy” has been successfully submitted on 3 March 2018. Also, the application for registering the acronym and logo: Biopsysis® as a UK trademark (UK00003298128) under the Class 44: “Psychotherapy services” and “Holistic psychotherapy” has been successfully submitted on 20 March 2018. Finally, the application for registering the acronym and logo: I.B.P.I® as a UK trademark (UK00003303584) under the Classes 44: “Mental health services” etc. and 41: “Education services relating to health” etc. has been successfully submitted on 12 April 2018.

n Check the FAQs for more information 


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Fancy working as a private practitioner?

Wanting to help people in trouble and live off the profession you like but not spend years locked in a classroom?
Are you looking for a pragmatic approach toward a career?
Do not wait another day. Enrol now (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; +44 7828002202 - +39 3491219728) !
Never lose the chance to give your contribution to the betterment of humanity.
Our unique Diploma in Biocentric Psychoanalysis©® leads with a few steps to a well insured practice, always updated and followed by sector experts.
You will never be alone. MCI will provide all its Graduates a starter pack to move forward into their new Biocentric Psychoanalytic adventure, from the opening of your own office to the supervising service, to the continuing professional training.
As an MCI Graduate you will have access to all the associated Professional Institutes, an accounting and legal service and everything you need to build up and develop your own business.
Check the list of the minimum requirements to be enrolled as an I.B.P.I Student and submit your application to the Psychological Aptitude Test (PAT) of which the updated calendar you will find it on this website.
Max 6 Candidates per year.*
*Limit expandable to 10, 4 additional places occasionally sponsored, ask for more information about it.
Min 1500 training hours/annum.
Max 2 years to complete the training.
Self-paced online diploma course, final exams to be held in Northern Ireland. 20% scheduled mandatory classes only.
IBPI@Freud Museum
We offer flexible payment options through
recommended financial services agencies
in your own Country.
Minimum requirements 
  • English Knowledge*
  • Bachelor in Psychology or equivalent
  • Psycho-attitudinal test with a score over 80%*
  • I.B.P.I Code of Ethics legal acceptance and subscription
*certifications are well accepted so please send them to us along with your cv submission; however there will be a specific language test to pass in order for your application to be considered; straight after your filled form being archived, you will receive an e-mail with the date and location of both of the required tests
Admissions tests ordinary sessions:
21 June 2018
21 August 2018
21 October 2018
I_4 July 2018 (Milan, Italy) - completed
  • 000IBPIIT02_Gabaldo Paola, VA (IT)_Score: English 6 (eq. to IELTS Academic 6 - CEFR B2); PAT 88%_Admitted - frozen until Nov. 2019
  • 000IBPIIT01_Zappalà Daniela, CN (IT)_Score: English 6 (eq. to IELTS Academic 6 - CEFR B2); PAT 85%_Admitted  - enrolled 
II_9 July 2018 (Belfast, Northern Ireland) completed
  • 000IBPIUK01_Manca Annalisa, DD (UK)_Score: English validated; PAT 91%_Admitted - enrolled
Admissions tests extraordinary sessions:
Ix_7 July 2018 (Rome, Italy) - completed
  • 000IBPIIT03_Not Admitted
  • 000IBPIIT04_Not Admitted
  • 000IBPIIT05_Not Admitted
IIx_20 September 2018 (Milan, Italy) - completed
  • 000IBPIIT06_Nasso Luisa, BI (IT)_Score: English 6 (eq. to IELTS Academic 6 - CEFR B2); PAT 87%_Admitted  - enrolled
*In case of non-admission, names are not displayed to protect the privacy of the candidates, please enquire via email if interested in receiving a complete results report. 
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L’Istituto Internazionale di Psicoanalisi Biocentrica apre anche in Italia le iscrizioni al primo anno accademico IBPI.

IBPI, la nuova Scuola privata di Specializzazione post lauream riservata ai dottori in psicologia e scienze affini, con sede in UK, che a 12 mesi dalla prima lezione ti consente l’apprendistato certificato in qualità di BP Candidate ed MCI Researcher, in tutto il mondo.

La Psicoanalisi Biocentrica è una nuova modalità psicoterapeutica, olistica, che sfrutta i principi della medicina complementare nell’approccio ai pazienti affetti da trauma, stress, fobie, dipendenze, depressione ed ansia lievi e funziona quale terapia di supporto, addizionale a quelle pre-esistenti.

Per info. e prenotazioni: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . FORMAZIONE A DISTANZA - DIDATTICA MULTILINGUE - DIPLOMA ACCREDITATO IICT - disponibile pagamento rateale


 IICT sealwfmh_am 
The occupations of “Psychological Therapy Practitioner” and “Complementary Therapy Practitioner” in the “Mental health and well-being” and “Physical health” sectors are not covered by either regulators nor accredited registers in the UK.
All the registers mentioned by the UK Professional Standard Authority Accredited Registers Programme, including the psychoanalytic ones, are voluntary to join, meaning that it is not a requirement.
Because of this, the excellence path that you are willing to take is very important as it is important to know that our insurance policies are valid “internationally”.
Furthermore, Biocentric Psychoanalysis is now recognised as a new IICT modality by 26 different Countries of UK, Europe, Oceania, North America and Canada where the IBPI (MCI Project and registered trademark) works as a IICT Platinum Training Provider.
Find out all the advantages offered to the I.B.P.I students and graduates by the largest professional body in the natural therapy industry!
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