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Our research and didactical offer proposes to fill a normative void currently existing in the UK psychotherapy sector, particularly in reference to those Complementary Therapies such as Psychoanalysis which do not fit into the standards of modern Psychology. Biocentric Psychoanalysis has been registered in the United Kingdom as a copyright and trademark and has been recognised as a new modality internationally (IICT accreditation), with the main purpose of keeping sectors separated. Also, the Biopsysis is inspired but not directly related to Psychoanalysis itself nor to any other "talking therapy". It is a synthesis of various therapeutic tools, it has its own epistemological statute, so it claimed its scientific independence in 2018. Find out more , "Who is the Analyst?"
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" I remember buying one of Lanza and Berman’s books at a Milan train station bookstore, waiting for my departure to Lisburn after a week spent in University between classes and exams. In the end, there is nothing really new in the thesis of the two scientists authors of the volumes on Biocentrism, which however have met with such a great worldwide success. A sign that not only Science but, on a larger scale, humanity itself finds difficult to conceive a world made of absolute corporeity. And this makes me glad. [...] Someone previously said that logics is the last scientific ingredient of philosophy. I believe that without logics there’s never been a philosophy. Without philosophy, we should all remember, there will never be a science. Logics, philosophy and science are so symbiotically related that is impossible to argue anything in the absence of one of each. Logically, the more abstract a theory is or becomes in its development then the more effects or consequences could have and impact on the empirical plan. Think of it this way: viewed from the window of an aircraft Italy is shaped like a boot. When viewed from the window of a car you can only see fields and houses. So it means the higher we fly theoretically the more of the bigger picture we can see. This is why we are all chasing a “theory of everything” since Gabriele Veneziano’s work on strings and Carlo Rovelli’s loop quantum gravity were proposed as candidates to this crown in the second half of last century. But a theory whose ambition is to explain everything there is could not exclude the existence, nature and functioning of human mind. Lanza’s intuitions are charming but theories need demonstrations, proofs, they need to be applied. For once, maybe, we should stop at investing time, energy and resources to build spaceships directed somewhere in the Universe, if we truly want to answer our ancestral questions and plan instead a far more interesting journey inside the Mind. Carlo Rovelli’s assertion: 'science is a continual exploration of ways of thinking' [1] is powerful, it is engraved in the history of all disciplines, because philosophy is conditio sine qua non science [2]. Science is thinking prior to experimenting, no experiment could ever be conducted without method and every method needs to be formulated and every formula comes necessarily from a mental wondering which peculiar activity is constituted by processes based on subjective beliefs. Therefore science is a product of history, a product of the human dimensional illusion of space-time in which they are located or locate themselves, according to Biocentrism. Rovelli’s gentle conservatism is well appreciated by the contemporary scientific community as a modern Kepler still in love with the religion of Science. But we need a shift. " (MA DC, Introduction, Descartes, Freud and cookies, 2018)

[1] Cfr C. Rovelli, Reality is not what it seems. The journey to quantum gravity, 2016 [2014I]. [2] Cfr M. A. Duca, Il pensiero scientifico di Nicola Andria, 2010 [2017II].



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" Identity. Entity of the Id. Essence of the Id. What is the Id? Who are we? The Freudian "psyche" is known to be trinitarian. The Id, in particular, would represent that part of the hidden submerged iceberg, where the primal instincts or impulses of ἔρως (éros; “ο”) or love, construction and θάνατος (thánatos; “ϑ”) or death, destruction reside. The Id is also our filter, our instrument of investigation, indirect, of reality. An investigation of which we are at the same time the actors and the victims, the first and last reason. In simple words - excluding Ego and Superego, whose consistency is as evanescent as they are themselves mere projections, produced a posteriori by our Id in order to interact with the surrounding world - it seems that the Id is the only answer to the question: who am I, who are we? We will often not like the answer. We will not like the image reflected by the mirror. And yet, becoming aware of it is so important as intensely we want to conquer happiness, fulfilment and success. Understanding is not the same as healing. It is not the same as changing. The Freudian limit is all here. The process of change is a far more difficult battle than the already difficult path of understanding and accepting the problem. It is the personal battle of the Ego which is preparing to engulf its brothers. The analyst therefore has the moral duty to shorten the time of therapy by focusing their work on the patient's Identity and abandoning any research purpose that can be elsewhere realized. " (MA DC, Chapter III, Descartes, Freud and cookies, 2018)


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